Stephanie Beck

Clinical Sales Lead

Aniek Van Boetzelaer

Product Manager

Fabio Bollinger

Project Manager

Sean Choi

NeuroCatch Clinician

Ben Davies

Biomedical Systems Engineer

Roberto Duran

Customer Success Representative

Dr. Shaun Fickling

Senior R&D Scientist

Kirk Fisher

Chief Executive Officer

Zack Frehlick

Sr. Systems Engineer

Qun Gao

Quality Assurance Administrator

Beverly Gavia

Product Risk Manager

Sunny Gurm

Head of Research & Development

Navdeep Kaur Cheema

Quality Manager

Dr. Bimal Lakhani

VP Product & Lead Scientist

Ashley Livingstone

Business Operations Manager

Catherine Lowe

VP, Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs

Robin Norris

Healthtech Connex VP of Sales & Marketing

Marie Sheehan

Manufacturing Technician

Ollie Steiner

Technical Lead, R&D

Stacey Woods

NeuroCatch Clinician


Larry Fisher

Healthtech Connex Chairman

Dr. Ryan C. N. D’Arcy

Healthtech Connex President and Chief Scientific Officer

Simon Buckett

Healthtech Connex Chief Financial Officer