Stephanie Beck

Clinical Sales Lead

Aniek van Boetzalaer

Product Manager

Fabio Bollinger

Project Manager

Ben Davies

Biomedical Systems Engineer

Roberto Duran

Customer Success Representative

Shaun Fickling

Senior R&D Scientist

Kirk Fisher

Chief Executive Officer

Zack Frehlick

Sr. Systems Engineer

Qun Gao


Beverly Gavia

Product Risk Manager

Sunny Gurm

Head of Research & Development

Navdeep Kaur Cheema

Quality Manager

Dr. Bimal Lakhani

VP Product & Lead Scientist

Ashley Livingstone

Business Operations Manager

Catherine Lowe

VP, Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs

Robin Norris

Healthtech Connex VP of Sales & Marketing

Marie Sheehan

Manufacturing Technician

Christopher Smith

Data Scientist

Jenna Storoschuk

R&D Engineer (Co-op)

Ollie Steiner

Software Developer


Larry Fisher

Healthtech Connex Chairman

Dr. Ryan C. N. D’Arcy

Healthtech Connex President and Chief Scientific Officer

Simon Buckett

Healthtech Connex Chief Financial Officer