The NeuroCatch® Platform is an objective, rapid (~6 minutes) neuro-physiological brain function assessment system, that is commercially available to Canadian clinicians and healthcare professionals as a Licensed Medical Class II Device since early 2019 (MDL #102616). With our commitment to leading R&D, we are pleased to announce that Health Canada has awarded NeuroCatch Inc. a second Medical Device License for recent product advancements on the NeuroCatch® Platform (version 1.1).

The NeuroCatch® Platform is intended for the elicitation, acquisition, analysis, storage, reporting and management of event-related potential (ERP) information. The NCP 1.1 release offers the following product enhancements:

      • EEG Hardware Upgrade: Hardware design and robustness enhanced for high-volume and frequent usage.

      • Power Supply Upgrade: New devices issued with upgraded power supply for continuous charging.

      • Data Acquisition Software Upgrade: Upgrade of Data Acquisition Software implemented for repeat scanning. 

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